The Mark Twain Wild West Fest Welcomes
the Rootin’-est, Tootin’-est Shoot ’em-up Posse of Gunslingers in the Sierras…

The Blue Canyon Gang.

The Blue Canyon Western Historical Preservation Society, better known as the Blue Canyon Gang, has been performing in the Northern California area since 1972.  The gang was born when a group of 13 western history buffs decided to get together and preserve the memory of the Old West with shootouts, fist fights and even the occasional bar room brawl.

elk-grove-group-2-croppedWith an emphasis on comedy, the gang re-enacts western skits of the classic good guy versus bad guy plot, and the Sheriff always wins. Shows are choreographed for safety for both members and spectators.

img_0382-22017 will mark the gang’s 45th year of bringing the West alive and the Blue Canyon Gang look forward to continuing their tradition of entertaining Northern California area residents and visitors.

To book the Blue Canyon Gang for your next event, please contact Slim, aka: Mike Gonsman, at allmsranch at or call him at (209) 763-5844.