Girls with Guns… what’s not to love?
The Mark Twain Wild West Fest
Flashpoint Production!

flashpoint-ladies-19Flashpoint Production is a bevy of beautiful ladies who will put on rollicking performances throughout the Mark Twain Wild West Fest.

From their taking part in the opening ceremony, this bedazzling full complement of Saloon Girls have planned some VERY exciting stage and street performances including “The Ladies Duel,” saloon sets entitled “Southern Comfort” and “Saloon Girl Ruckus” and the inimitable “Doctor Poindexter’s Miracle Elixir Medicine Show.”

“The Ladies Duel” takes place in the Kit Carson Mountain Men Stage/Performance Area and it DOES involve firing black powder revolvers.

Hey… girls and guns… what’s not to love?

flashpoint-ladies-03For the “Southern Comfort” they’ll sing a songs, dance the can-can and watch out for their comedic wit… the are all professional comediennes!)… also, as a warning to attending ladies, be sure to hold onto your men, because the “Saloon Girl Ruckus” is sure to steal them away from you… we make no promises as to what kind of condition your men-folk will be in when Flashpoint ladies get around to returning them to you.

According to Lucy Hackett, JBCA President, Jackson, California, “The troupe was fantastic, exceeded our expectations and really completed the campfire and Main Street experience for all attendees. We can whole-heartedly recommend Flashpoint Productions for your event unless, of course, you want to hire them on the dates we need them in the future!”

flashpoint-ladies-04Check the schedule for the Kit Carson Mountain Men Stage here, and don’t miss these performances…

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